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Sniffing out the Bad Apples, Rotten Bushels and Sour Crops

 The“A.B.C.s”: How can we distinguish them? Sniffing out the Bad Apples, Bushels and Crops From the first conversations of a team dedicated to understanding the human side of fraud  we collectively came to realize that there were multiple problems in the conceptualization of fraud that needed to be tackled. This team was first assembled at […]


Banks say “Bring it On!” … US Justice Department does

Banks say “Bring it on”, and US Justice does Two international banks’ role in the financial crisis formally enters the US Judicial System (Daven Morrison) One of the most memorable events of the financial crisis was Rick Santelli’s passionate plea on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Early on in the crisis what came […]

The Mortgage Farmer’s Market: A Harvest of Shame

  (By Vic Hartman) In a previous post, we considered the recent Standard & Poor’s settlement with the federal government concerning charges the company had knowingly misrepresented the risk level in securities backed by mortgages (RMBs, or Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities and CDOs, or Collateralized Debt Obligations).  The Department of Justice accused S&P of illegally putting […]