The psychology of fraud

Presentation: “The Psychology of Fraud”
Guest Lecture for Public Finance for Public Administration By Daven Morrison, M.D.

As part of Public Finance for Public Administration, an established course on Finance for students in a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) course at Northwestern University, Daven Morrison has presented as a guest lecturer on the psychology of fraud.

Conventional wisdom in talking about fraud is that greed is the key motivation to defraud. Not necessarily so, according to Dr. Morrison. In fact, fraud often involves a complex interplay of psychological factors inducing fraudsters to override their value systems and then rationalize their way into continuing the behavior. And then there are the victims, who provide the opportunity and, at times, tacit compliance. Finally, the organizational environment often delivers incentive.

Dr. Morrison is one of four authors of a book about this subject, A.B.C.s of Behavioral Forensics, and this presentation nicely highlights many of the principal points of the book in the context of an working context in which policy and administration intertwine.

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