(By Joe Koletar) Dr. Sridhar Ramamoorti, a professor of accountancy at Kennesaw State University, and founder of this blog, has been honored by the Michael J. Coles College of Business (Kennesaw State University) for his authorship role in the book, “A.B.C.s of Behavioral Forensics (Wiley, 2013).”
The award, The 2015 Coles College Publication Prize, will be formally announced in the Coles College Research Magazine, to be published later this year, along with summaries of this and other prize-winning published books and articles. Our congratulations to Sri and to fellow authors and bloggers, Dr. Joseph Koletar, CFE, Daven Morrison, MD, and Kelly R. Pope for their fascinating and insightful exposition of the emerging field of behavioral forensics that explores questions such as “why good people do bad things,” what makes fraudsters choose to commit fraud, how to get into the fraudster’s mind and “think like a crook to catch a crook,” conducting an after-the-fact “psychological autopsy,” etc. This blogsite contains numerous added insights such as “the bad farmer’s market” that go beyond A.B.C., viz., the bad apple, bad bushel, and bad crop.

Join us for more insights into behavioral forensics (behind fraud and similar white collar crimes) from the authors of ABCs of Behavioral Forensics (Wiley, 2013): Sri Ramamoorti, Ph. D., Daven Morrison, M.D., and Joe Koletar, D.P.A., along with Vic Hartman, J.D.  These distinguished experts come from the disciplines of psychology, medicine, accounting, law, and law enforcement to explain and prevent fraud.  Because we are inspired to bring to light and address the fraud problems in today’s headlines, we encourage our readers to come back and revisit us regularly at BringingFreudtoFraud.com.


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